8 Must-See Islands

8 Must-See Islands

Vietnam is a popular tourist's destination with heavenly beauty. This country is a preferred destination for many people who frequently go out for vacations and holidays. Vietnam is a home of paradise islands. The most popular islands include the names of Cat Ba, Phu Quoc, and others. However, there are several hidden gems that require attention. Discover the beauty of nature in Vietnam by visiting following islands.

Phu Quoc Island (in photo):

Talking of attractive islands in Vietnam, tourists never forget to take the name of Phu Quoc Island. This is a beautiful island with fresh air, cool atmosphere, pleasing breeze and peaceful environment. It is more attractive because of crystal clear water, beautiful sunshine, white sand and lush green trees of coconut. These things will keep you romantic at the Phu Quoc Island.

Nam Du Island:

Nam Du Island (KienGiang) is a promising place for tourists. Those who love to have a hot place surrounded by cold blue water must visit this island. It has the advantage of green shady trees of coconuts and shady shores. The cost of this trip would be around 2 million VND if you are starting the trip from Saigon. Also, visit the KienGiang Discovery Voyage in order to capture stunning images.

Con Dao:

It is a popular island at a distance of 230 km from Ho Chi Minh, 179 km from the Vung Tau and only 165 km from the Can Tho. This is among the most preferred islands in Vietnam. It is famous for blue water, white sand and green mountain peaks. The collection of these beautiful features makes Con Dao peaceful scenery.

Binh Ba Island:

Binh Ba has become a hot name for the tourists after the revival of tourism policies in Vietnam. This island is famous for its beautiful landscape. It has culinary richness which captivates the visitors. The beaches around this island are among the top seven places in this country. The most famous beaches include the names of Chuong Beach, Nha Cu Beach and Nom Beach. Also visit the famous Binh Ba Market to enjoy morning shopping such as cakes, noodles, vermicelli, and other seafood.

Binh Hung Island:

This is close to Binh Ba Island. Those who visit this beach should also consider Binh Hung. It is very famous for trekking activities. It is the only island that offers the best terrain for running. This island is little empty as it is under development.

Hang Rai Island:

This is located on the south of VinhHy Bay. It is only 35 km from the famous Phan Rang. This island is an attractive place for tourists who love to see coral reefs, and sea caves. It is also popular because of its unspoiled beauty. You will feel lost in the adventure and fairyland. The sea water color frequently changes according to the movement of sun.

Ly Son Island:

The island is famous for To Vo Gate. It must be a wonderland as it has emerald waters, white caves and beautiful lighthouse flashes. Enjoy watching sunrise at Ly Son Island.

Cu Lao Cham:

This famous island is attractive and beautiful. It has admirable beauty, lush forests, wide beaches, cool climate, and amazing scenery. Diving is the most attractive activity on this island. People visiting Vietnam must experience the jungle picnic at Cu Lao Cham.