A Historic Whirlwind Tour around Vietnam

A Historic Whirlwind Tour around Vietnam

Would you love to experience a historical tour around Vietnam? Of course, you likely know about Vietnam's war history- indeed, to most people, the name Vietnam is virtually synonymous with war. You can take some time to experience Vietnam's history and sample its brush with war and warriors.

Tour the French Quarter & Colonial Buildings: Of course, you're likely to find Hanoi's Old Quarter area a place full of frantic-almost frenzied- commercial activity. But there's another relatively serene area always beckoning for discerning visitors- this is the famous French Quarter. The site is tranquil.

It's essentially a tree-lined boulevard decorated with some beautiful, restored mansions- all these are carefully concealed behind some secretive tall hedges. The French Quarter has been aptly described as Hanoi's classy corner- the town's jewel in the crown. The area also hosts some of Hanoi's trendiest restaurants and bars.

Adventure and Fun in Da Nang: You'll find Da Nang located along the South China Sea Coast. Da Nang is renowned as one of Vietnam's most crucial port cities. While coming from Hue or Hanoi, this should be your next natural stop. Here, you're guaranteed to enjoy a perfect balance full of adventure and fun. Over the years, Da Nang has become increasingly popular with digital nomads, young entrepreneurs and backpackers. With time, Dan Nang has become a veritable budding hub for startup ventures.

The Exciting Da Nang Beach Environs: As a tourist or new visitor in town, you're welcome to hike around the Marble Mountains. This is a famous pilgrimage site full of limestone, marble and ripe with grottoes and caves. At Da Nang, you'll discover some thrilling historical Buddhist monasteries and put your finger inside actual bullet holes in the places where the Vietnamese soldiers formerly spied on Americans during the historical Vietnam war. Moreover, visitors can continuously cycle around the Son Tra Peninsula or take a scooter to tour the 800-year old banyan tree; then, you can have a sweeping view right there from the Monkey Peak.

World-Class Cuisine: Further, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the colonial history of Vietnam. This you can do at the Ba Na Hills mountain top resort. The monument typically resembles a veritable mediaeval castle; it's ";littered"; with various monuments and establishments, including a mediaeval castle, beautiful accommodations, an amusement park and several line restaurants.

While around, why not visit Tam's Pub? You'll enjoy the world-class local cuisine. You can also branch over to the Surf Shop and enjoy some hearty meals. Do you crave some vegetarian burgers? You'll find them deliciously done; you'll have a golden opportunity to hear some really riveting tales describing the kind of life people enjoyed in Tam during the yesteryears. Yes, you'll learn about how things were during the war years around Tam.

Visit Hoi An for a Cultural Retreat: Hanoi An has some of the best beaches in the world. Hoi An is renowned for not succumbing to the spoils of the beaches at the expense of tourism. You'll arrive at the An Bang Beach after about one hour's ride from Da Nang; the place is located merely 10 minutes away from the Hoi An city centre. The Hoi An beach is renowned as sparkling clean. The Beach is generally unadulterated by the many modern commercial enterprises. It makes the place ideal to visit whenever you want to swim or sunbathe on the white sandy beach area.

Get ready to enjoy the best coffee and meals around the city's restaurants and cafes- here, you'll be served affordable meals and have some excellent options for drinks. For those who prefer a packed picnic, you're welcome to bring over your bags and pitch tent around the sunbeds and shoreline umbrellas; it merely costs 50,000 VND or $2.15. You can be sure your day is guaranteed with this kind of service.

Chill Away in Quy Nhon: Do you prefer to stay away and chill around the less busy areas of Vietnam? You have an answer- visit the Quy Nhon region. It's stimulating to tour the Bai Xep beach- it's otherwise known as the Xep Beach. Those who prefer to travel around rocky shores will-similarly-not get disappointed. There are many places of this type that offer a dramatic view of the city. One of these is the famous Queen's Beach.

Ensure you catch the hour's bus ride that takes you to Quy Nhon, right from Phu Cat. You have the option to catch the train coming from Hanoi city or take the sleeper bus hurtling away from Ho Chi Minh city. This is alright as long as it won't bother you to travel for long- well, some consider these lengthy travels as extra fun and fanfare.