Enjoy Your Festive Seasons in Global Destinations

Enjoy Your Festive Seasons in Global Destinations


You don’t have to do only simple things involving trimmings or the taking of turkey while in Hanoi, Vietnam. The festive season here is the perfect opportunity to visit the most beautiful locations just by walking around the roads or driving along. Yes, you will have to ignore the famous New Year festivities, Christmas celebrations and similar things. It is time to enjoy yourself, without set rules or tradition hampering you. Instead of being tied to tradition, it is time to get some valuable alternatives that permit you to go around.

Here are other excellent places to consider visiting:


You can decide to simply waste your time on the roads or otherwise surf along on the huge waves. Which of these is most preferable to you? Many people love to go surfing on Hawaii’s high waves. The famous US state, where Barak Obama was born, is always open for thousands of tourists to flock in- at will. Indeed, thousands of surfers visit here every year. One of the most attractive places for international or national surfers is Hawaii. Here, the month of December is always busy. The water tides can go up to a maximum 30 feet. This makes it a most enjoyable place for tourists of all kinds and nationalities. The native people in Hawaii love celebrate this season. They call it the Makahiki festival. The festival usually goes on for a period of four months. You may also enjoy some joyous occasions at the Annual City Lights of Honolulu.

Antarctic Cruise

Why should you celebrate the New Year or Christmas at home? Yes, why not visit the famous Antarctic Cruise? At such times, the Antarctic regions are usually warm and cool. You can always enjoy the Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands while around here. It will give a most wonderful chance for the kids to see the Penguins. Of course, this is a famous place for its thousands of penguins and other animals. Yes, the continent houses many different animals of amazing character. Think, for instance, about the Humpback Whales and the albatross as a great example of these.


Namibia’s parched lands usually turn green after the end of the rainy season in November. Indeed, the land turns lush green. This results in the creation of beautiful green meadows, water holes and nice fresh air for everyone. Moreover, you can enjoy the Namibian wildlife’s scenic beauty. Remarkably, while in Namibia in such seasons, the daytime always remains dry. This is the most excellent time for visitors to flock in and enjoy what is hailed as the Namibian safari. While here, don’t forget to visit the Etosha national park. This a famous place for the most thrilling variety of African elephants. It is found in the northern part of the country. While there, you can enjoy other places, including the Ethereal Red Desert, the Wintry Walks as well as the Etosha Salt Pan.


If you want the next Christmas or new years’ experience to be completely different, then consider visiting the Festive party in Fiji. This is one small festival that people enjoy while arranged in small groups. Yes, you can always enjoy a four-week holiday while hidden away in faraway Fiji. While here, the visitors usually enjoy a spear dance, gathered together with the ritual fans. These are good at beautifully decorating the villages with fancy lamps and candles. They will prepare a delicious traditional ovens Lovo using stones. Further, they will avail a host of some delicious local dishes, including cassava, coconut, ice-cream and palusami. This will happen in record time.


We want you to completely forget about your ideas with the traditional New Year’s celebrations and holy Christmas. It is time to plan about alternative festivities that are both fun and thrilling. Just focus on Sydney’s beautiful beaches, for instance. Such a beach vibe is an attractive and excellent opportunity for all kinds of people, especially teens.

You can enjoy surfing in places like the Bronte Beaches and the Tamaramas Also, you may visit the popular Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. All these are exciting activities that you can use to refill the memory with some unforgettable experiences.