How to Enjoy a Memorable Visit to Hanoi City

How to Enjoy a Memorable Visit to Hanoi City

On October 10th 2010, something exciting happened in Hanoi- the city celebrated its 1000th birthday! You probably plan to visit this fascinating Vietnamese city in the near future. How can you make the best of your trip? Consider these exciting suggestions:

Take a Thrilling Ride around Hanoi's Famous Streets: Take Hanoi's famous cyclo-, the local taxi- and get ready to explore the real Hanoi. Visitors are usually ushered in the front rider to enjoy a spectacular, once in a lifetime experience around the city, but get ready for some nail-biting experience- the vehicle will soon hurtle around town with all kinds of traffic flying around in every direction. Beware!

Visit the Temple of Literature: Is there any notable ancient building for everyone visiting Hanoi? If there ever was this kind of place, then it's the Temple Literature building. The structure embodies the veritable Confucianism sanctuary; it is considered Vietnam's foremost centre of learning; it has been around for a respectable 1000 years. While visiting the Temple Building, you can admire the spectacular monument's swooping tiled roofs, the tranquil ponds, the well-trimmed lawns, and its elaborate gateways. You can conclude your visit with a delightful experience characterized by the traditional music performance right there in the famous music room.

Visit the Ho Chi Min National Mausoleum: The influence of the legendary Ho Chi Minh in his Vietnamese homeland can never be overstated; yes, you cannot overestimate this man's powerful influence across the country. To get a picture of Vietnam's national situation, you definitely need to visit Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum.

To most visitors, the experience is both unusual and moving. While visiting here, tourists and locals are expected to dress respectfully in a manner that befits the occasion. You are guaranteed to sense the stunning admiration for Vietnam's foremost hero figure. No wonder the Ho Chi Minh Museum is always a crowd-puller for thousands of tourists every year; the stream of tourists pouring into the area is always endless.

Discover Vietnam's Exciting history: Not many countries in the world have gone through what Vietnam has- the country has a turbulent natural history. Do you want to get the best overview while visiting here? Then you must visit Vietnam's famous History Museum. The story really started in the 1930s with the moniker L'Ecole Francaise Oriente. Some of the items displayed here include the battle scenes of dioramas, the Imperial Court paintings and the images of the legendary Ho Chi Minh in his youth.

Get Away to Hanoi's Backstreets: Just like you might visit other major capital cities of the world, you can discover Hanoi's authentic culture in the backstreet areas (rather than the city centre). No, you won't find these in places regularly visited by tourists. Well, you know it- the tourist areas are always neatly staged to give the appearance of the perfect city. While wandering away to the backstreets, do not forget to carry your camera. Carry your notebook as well- you're just about to start making new friends. Yes, it's a lifetime's event visiting Hanoi's backstreet; get to know the real Hanoi.

Buy Something at the Traditional Crafts and Silk Shops: You'll find many boutiques and shops located in and around Hanoi. Most of these have attractive window displays. Here you can always spend your dong on several offerings of traditional textiles and crafts. One of Hanoi's most fabulous buys is silk. And they really come in dazzling colours. There are other neat souvenirs, including propaganda posters and water puppets.

Watch the Thrilling Hanoi Water Puppet Performance: Watch the spectacular water puppet event: Have you ever heard of quadratic baboons? Well, visit Hanoi for a taste of the most exciting event in town. Undoubtedly, the water puppet performance will leave you dazed. The event is usually characterized by the operation of a complex system driven by levers and pulleys. The entire event is a primary feature of peculiar Vietnamese entertainment.

While visiting, you'll watch sketches of dragons that glide through the water. There are ";maidens"; who keep busy dancing on the water's surface. Every year these events keep thousands of enthusiasts attentive and entertained. The traditional musicians are not left behind- they always have a bevvy of entertainment lined up.