Intriguing Towns and Cities

Intriguing Towns and Cities

Vietnam intrigues many visitors year after year. The country has plenty of heritage, rich culture, and natural beauty. Vietnam is basically bordered by mountain ranges to the east; to the west, there's the South China Sea. At the north and south ends are the Red River and Mekong deltas. Vietnam's diverse landscape ropes in rich paddies, white sand beaches, and lush jungles. You are free to visit Vietnam's beautiful towns, easily bookable through a cultural trip.

Hội An: Hội An is a select Unesco World Heritage Site. Undoubtedly, Hoi An is one of Vietnam's most important tourist destinations. The city has terrific cuisine, irresistible charm, and intriguing history. If you want to get an accurate idea about what Vietnam is, make a visit to Hoi An. Between the 16th and 18th centuries Hoi An served as a major port. The city owes its splendid beauty to several factors, including a mix of Asian and European influences. The town is actually small enough for a visitor to explore on foot. The town's streets are generally dotted with various Chinese temples, wooden-fronted shop houses, and lively food markets.

You'll find many galleries selling native artwork and laid-back, open air coffee shops. All these add a charming bohemian element to Hoi An. And if you arrive there at the right time, you can enjoy the annual lantern festival; it's usually held along the Hoai River. When visiting the city on a culture trip you can have a guided walking tour on a 12-day, specially curated Vietnam adventure.

Mũi Né : Mui Ne is another one of Vietnam's architectural landmarks and natural features. Visiting Mui Ne you're likely to catch a silhouette of several women carrying small baskets and trudging along the sand dunes at sunset hours. Mui Ne was once known as a sleepy fishing village. Today it's a favorite getaway destination for many immigrants who want to taste Vietnam's urban life. You'll find most of them occupying the nearby Ho Chi Minh city; the latter was previously known as Saigon. Although the city is increasingly popular with tourists, Ho Chi Minh still retains an attractive low-key atmosphere. The city's 9-mie beach is beautifully lined with several low-rise resorts, shops, and restaurants. The town bay is a fairly well-known hotspot for various kinds of wind and kite surfing. Happily, the wind levels are generally consistent throughout the year. Do you need a small break around the beach? Just take a short tour of the surrounding sand dunes. These actually contribute to the town's pleasant microclimate. As a result, the rainfall is relatively minimal even during the wet season.

Thoai Pham: Thoai Pham is located at an altitude of about one mile ( 1.5 km) above the seal level. It has a beautiful, serene mountain scenery and enjoys a year-round cool weather. The quaint town once served as a favorite retreat for hordes of Vietnamese emperors and French colonialists eager to get away from the country's summer heat. You can still notice much European influence especially depicted by French colonial architecture usually found in the central area of the city. Here, the streets are ever lined up with red-roofed stone buildings. The city has lovely markets, churches, colourful gardens, and winding streets. This is one place that's always delightful to stroll across. The town's surrounding area is dotted with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and forests. Yes, this is the perfect place for various fan activities, including biking, trekking and rock climbing.

Nha Trang, Vietnam Nha Trang is a well-known Vietnamese city that's also home to several of the country's top beaches and dive sites. The city's crescent-shaped beach that covers some 6km is set against a beautiful, picturesque mountain drop. Apart from the gorgeous scenery, Nha Tang features many beautiful shorelines with soft sands. Here you will get a pleasant promenade, scenic parks, sculpture centres, and beautiful gardens. Several companies are available to take visitors around delightful day trips traversing the city's 20 islands. The islands are located just a short distance from the coast. While visiting you can enjoy various snorkeling and hiking experiences. Visiting the city centre, you can grace some fantastic restaurants and later visit the Po Nagar Cham Temple; the temple dates back to the 8th century.

So, visit Vietnam to enjoy all kinds of pleasant and glamorous things that a tourist would have. No doubt, Vietnam's cities and towns will never disappoint.