Stray in Vietnam

Stray in Vietnam

Stray is tour company that operates in South East Asia and in New Zealand. They operate guided bus tours, mostly aimed at younger backpackers who wish to experience the country with some like minded people. Founded in New Zealand in 2002, the company prides itself on taking travellers off the beaten track, supporting environmental values (for which they have been accredited the Enviro-Gold award from Qualmark), for providing a unique perspective on some quickly growing tourist locations, and of course their iconic bright orange busses.

The main office for the South East Asia Stray Network is actually in Thailand, however the company offers a number of packages that remain solely within Vietnam and also that include Vietnam as part of a multi-country tour through the whole region. There are a variety of different tours and passes to suit everybody. Flexi-tours include everything such as your transport, your accommodation, your tour leader, activities, and offer the chance to be flexible if you wish to stay longer at some of the destinations and to hop onto a different Flexi-Tour coming through at a later date to carry on. Hop-on Hop-off passes allow the same benefits as a Flexi-tour pass, apart from accommodation and activities are pay as you go. They also have one-off adventures such as tours to islands, and city arrival packs which ensure you have a smooth and pleasant introduction to your arrival culture and make some friends.

The exclusive Vietnam Only tours available are a 14 day Flexi Tour or a two week Hop-on Hop-off pass, both of which start in Ho Chi Minh City and finish in Hanoi. There are often deals and packages available directly from the website, so it is worth keeping an eye on the activity at as you approach booking your packages.

There are many tour companies offering similar packages to Stray, however there are many reasons why they are notable and worth considering. Stray, much like the name suggests, absolutely love to take their guests to remote and unique locations that are well off the beaten tourist path, so much so, sometimes they aren't even marked on popular maps. Obviously they still take you to all of the main places that are on everybody's Vietnam to-do lists, but even here they will try to give you a unique and individual perspective, and provide all of the history, culture and environmental information from their local guides and interpreters along the way.

The tour guides are not only very knowledgeable, but very friendly and helpful people. As you are accompanied by your guide for a couple of weeks, they ensure that they become not only your guides, but also your friends. They help you with booking accommodation and activities, tell you about their personal experiences, and ensure the whole group is always having a good time.

Stray's responsible tourism mission is quoted on their website as "to make sure our customers and crew leave the maximum positive impact on local communities, and the minimum negative impact on the environment." They are very supportive of local communities and eco-tourism initiatives, helping out by including homestays in rural locations, lowering carbon emissions, respecting and educating about local religion and cultures and encouraging travellers to contribute as much to the locals and undeveloped communities as possible.

The company likes their customers to relax and to do all the stressful and hard work obtained by travelling for them. The guides are so passionate about their jobs that not only do they know almost everything you could possibly know, but they will help you with everything with a huge smile on their face, and probably enhance your expectations by suggesting things you wouldn't ever have thought of.

While most of the travellers on Stray are under 30, passengers range from 18-45 and nobody is left feeling excluded from the group. If you are travelling alone, and with no travelling experience, it is a fantastic way to meet people from all over the world, to immerse yourself in the local culture, to have a unique experience, and to create some completely unforgettable memories. Everything can be booked directly from the website, and all information regarding passes, routes, and the company's value are all found at