Vietnam is a backpacker paradise

Vietnam is a backpacker paradise

Boasting some of the best cuisine in Southeast Asia, idyllic landscapes, heart-pumping activities, the largest cave in the world, mesmerising beaches, interesting history and heritage, and all of this for your money's worth, Vietnam truly is a backpacker's paradise.

Ideal for travellers on a budget

While some other countries might be closer to travel to, Vietnam is a great travel destination for a backpacker because it is not expensive. You will probably will spend more money on your travel ticket then in the actual country. This takes the anxiety due to your budget out of travelling, and you can fully enjoy eating whatever you like, visiting as many attractions as you like and enjoying all that this wonderful Southeast Asian country has to offer.

Vietnam is the a great place to visit for the thrifty traveller, where you can find private rooms for just $10 per night, and you won't spend much more on food for the whole day. You can eat out for only $5, having what could be the best meal of your life. Tours that take you to explain major cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi won't cost much either.

Diverse and top-class cuisine

Thanks to geography, Vietnam has received influences from China and other neighbouring countries, which has led to a very complex, diverse and fascinating cuisine that varies drastically from one region to another. Vietnamese cuisine is particularly delicious as chefs heavily rely on food markets to get their ingredients up to twice a day. Therefore, most ingredients are seasonal and fresh. This combined with intricate techniques leads to dishes that are an explosion of flavours with mouthwatering textures.

Some of the best Vietnamese dishes are to be had from street vendors, which means they are also very economical as well. As a traveller, you will have the opportunity to sample a myriad of traditional dishes, such as pho (noodle soup with beef or chicken), goi cuon (spring rolls), com tam (broken rice), bot chien (Vietnamese fried rice flour cake), banh trang tron (rice paper salad), goi kho bo (green papaya salad with beef jerky), sup cua (Vietnamese crab soup, banh mi, among others. Every dish will amaze you as they combination of ingredients results in an original flavour, topped with some delicate and wonderful gasnish.

Paradisiac beaches

If you escaped to Southeast Asia to enjoy the sun on the sand, Vietnam won't disappoint. With turquoise water framing sandy beaches and beautiful islands, this country is an oasis for travellers. Some of the best beaches can be found in Phan Thiet, Coc Dao, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Quang Ngai.

Historical sites

Steeped in a very interesting History, like the Vietnam War, the country is scattered with fantastic historical sites, including My Son Sanctuary, Hue monuments, Hoi An ancient town, among others.

If you are interested in the Vietnam War, there are many historical war sites where you can learn more about this tragic event. After decades of conflict, the aftermath of the war was catastrophic for all sides involved.

If you start your tour in South Vietnam, you might want to visit The Reunification Palace in Saigon, which is where the Vietnam war ended. The palace was the capital building for South Vietnam. There's a bunker in the basement which was home to a the strategic command centre for efforts against the North Vietnamese forces.

Also in Saigon, you can visit the War Remnants Museum, which showcases war artifacts, unexploded ordinance, and photo galleries. Northwest of Saigon you'll find the Cu Chi Tunnels, a massive network of underground tunnels that once served as a command post for North Vietnamese forces. This tunnel system housed weapon factories, hospitals and even entertainment facilities.

If happen to go to the beach in Nha Trang, you want want to take a break from the sun and visit the Cam Ranh Air Base, which was one of the most important U.S. Air bases during the Vietnam War.

Culture features

Home to 54 ethnic communities, Vietnam is a wealth of cultures and when you visit the country, you'll be able to get a glimpse of their traditions, fashions, language, lifestyle, customs and beliefs.

Friendly Locals

Although Vietnamese locals don't seem as interested in tourists as their neighbouring Thais, they will be willing to help you if you approach them with a smile. People are particularly welcoming and warm when you visit rural areas, where the sense of community is stronger