Vietnam Travel Tips

Vietnam Travel Tips

Boasting a vibrant culture and dramatic landscapes, Vietnam's might be an explorer's paradise, but it's not exactly the easiest country to visit. From tour scams to poverty and poor infrastructure, there are certain factors that can dampen your sunny holidays. That is why you a little preparation will steer you in the right direction.

Here are some tips so you can be prepared when you travel:

Have your visa ready

Prior travelling, find out what you need to get your tourist visa and make sure you have the right documentation. The requirement to get a tourist visa vary depending on where you are from so check on the embassy's website what you need to do to get this visa.

Be friendly

Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnamese people don't often come in the rescue of lost travellers or freely approach them. Although they don't seem interested in tourists, while Thais are open and curious about travellers, they will help you if you approach them. Therefore, don't be shy, be friendly and don't be afraid to ask for directions if you need them.

Be careful when you get a taxi ride

Unfortunately, taxi scams are not uncommon in Vietnam. That is why it is important to have a sense of where you are going. If you feel like your driver is stalling and taking the long way there, just ask him to pull over and then you can get a new taxi. Arrange a pickup from the airport or hotel, so you can avoid overpaying when they see you are in need and carrying luggage. Looking buses up online doesn't cost a thing and it might save you a great deal of money on taxis.

Look into night buses

Booking an overnight bus might also save you on accommodation costs when you have to cover long distances. It also allows you to maximise the time of your trip as you don't waste a day travelling, but you can sleep on the way. To maximise your rest, book a top bunk and away from the loo. Speaking of which, bathrooms on buses are a cruel joke of lfe, so you might want to avoid them; therefore, try not to drink any liquids until you've made it to you destination.

Plan a realistic travel itinerary

Most travellers like to fly in Hanoi, travel southbound and fly out from Ho Chi Minh, so they can cross the country and have a sense they have seen everything. Although this is a fantastic way to explore Vietnam, you need at least three weeks to travel the country from North to South or the other way around, and see it at your leisure. If you are rushing to make it to the other side of the country, you will miss out on the experience of discovering Vietnam and instead of enjoying that experience, you'll feel stressed out and rushing about.


Sure riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, but if you are not a pro or Valentino Rossi, for that matter, you might want to avoid renting a motorcycle. Let's just say traffic in Vietnam can be a bit daunting and too many tourists have unfortunately lost their lives while driving a two-wheeled vehicle.

If you don't want to leave Vietnam without experiencing life on a motorcycle, then you can always get an experienced Vietnamese rider to show around.

Weather can be somewhat temperamental

Southeast Asian countries are famous for their humid and hot weather. But their weather is also famous for going from sunny skies to the Biblical Great Flood that prompted Noah to build an ark.

Weather in Vietnam varies from one region to another. You can expect hot wet summers and cool dry winters up North, while Souther Vietnam is defined by only two seasons - wet and dry.


This is Southeast Asia and haggling is a national sport and part of the fun of being a tourist. Just remember that there are no set prices, so don't be shy and haggle away, particularly because it is common in Vietnam to inflate prices. Locals won't only inflate prices when you are a tourist but also if you look like you are loaded, so try to look too fancy.